30 Jul 2023
Leopolis for Future trainees visit the Emigration Museum in Gdynia

The Emigration Museum is located in the heart of the port of Gdynia, at the address “Polska 1”. It is here that the historic Maritime Station, built in the interwar period, is located. Due to its fascinating history, the building is not only the seat of the museum, but also an important part of the story presented in the Museum.

It was in the Marine Station that the central place of pre-war passenger traffic was located. The legendary Polish transatlantic liners with the MS “Batory” moored here. The building was the main part of the extensive emigration infrastructure and also had a very important representative function – it was the last image of Poland remembered by emigrants, and the first one for those coming from abroad. Its architecture – monumental and elegant on the one hand, avant-garde and functional on the other – combined the most important features of Gdynia – the pride of the Polish state, but also a city open to the world and modernity.

Źródło fotografii: Strona internetowa Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni www.polska1.pl