Mission of the Alumni Club


Leopolis For Future is the key that opens doors to lifelong opportunity

We want to integrate the graduates of the Leopolis For Future program and maintain mutual contact based on trust, friendship, exchange of experiences, supporting the development of careers and conducting professional activities of program participants. The joint experience gained from the program and participation in the Alumni Club aims to develop the elite community of Leopolis For Future graduates.

In June 2019, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Foundation. The group of our interns has exceeded one hundred people, today they are spread around Ukraine, Poland and several other countries. They are current and future Ukrainian elites, young people who know the world, speak English well and are friends of Poland. This really extremely talented group of young people thrive within the Leopolis For Future Alumni Club.

Our jubilee was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine Andriy Deszczyca, Vice Rector of the College Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka, as well as our special guest and guest-speaker Paweł Kowal, who talked about the expectations of the new president of Ukraine.

Thank you to all companies and people of good will for your help and support!

Leopolis for Future Alumni Club

was established after the completion of the first edition of the Leopolis for Future internship program, and its goal is to bring together program participants and develop the new generation of the Ukrainian elite. The combination of expertise and knowledge in the field of economics, management, marketing, law, art and other fields makes Alumni Club an exclusive community that creates opportunities for professional development and establishing business contacts. The power to share knowledge, cooperation and trust enables club members to take full advantage of the benefits of being part of the Leopolis for Future initiative.